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Global Strategies of Anisong; The Current and Future Possibilities

23 Oct. (Mon) 12:00-13:30
Anisong festival "Anisong World Matsuri", is an event Japanese entertainment companies started for the world in 2016. Furthermore, in March of this year, Anisong subscription streaming service "ANiUTa" (ANIUTA, INC.), was launched by combined effort of 10 music labels and publishers. This panel on the present situation and possibilities of the global expansion of the anisong market will be held by the key founders of this service.


(L) Shiro Sasaki
(CEO, ANIUTA, INC. / President, FlyingDoc, Inc. / Board of Directors, JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp.)

(R) Shunji Inoue
(President and Representative Director, Lantis Co., Ltd. / Board of Directors, ANIUTA, INC. / Chairman, BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative Inc.)