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PinocchioP highlights the multi-discipline skill so many creators bring to Japan’s Vocaloid community. Besides creating zippy songs touching on everything from dance-pop to rock — all while utilizing the singing-synthesizer technology — PinocchioP has also hosted his own shows, created costumes for Hatsune Miku and even drawn original characters. He brings his art alive in myriad ways.

He started his music career in 2009 after uploading an original Vocaloid number onto a Japanese video sharing site. From there, PinocchioP continued to share new creations utilizing the digi-singing of avatars such as Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin. On top of that, he also produced his own live-streamed online program, further getting his name out there and winning over listeners. And that fanbase has only grown after releasing a handful of well-received albums over the last decade.

Stylistically, PinocchioP has explored a wide variety of sounds over the past decade. He’s fond of playing upbeat, whether by embracing electronics on swift dance-pop tracks or going in a more chugging, sensational rock direction — or by bringing the two sides together, as on his song “SLoWMoTIoN,” which has scored millions of views online and become a celebrated Vocaloid cut. Yet PinocchioP can also make thought-provoking and nostalgic folk-songs-style works. Whatever the sound, PinocchioP brings energy to all of them live. His shows find the creator — and the audience — dancing, singing, laughing and an infectious sense of joy.

Beyond that, PinocchioP has contributed music to a variety of Vocaloid-centric video games, designed outfits for Hatsune Miku’s appearances in said titles, and illustrated original characters, most notably his Doushite Chan, which appears frequently as a kind of mascot for the producer. In whatever pursuit he engages in, PinocchioP brings his own unique style and vision that makes him stand out in each field.
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